We have our house up for a short sale in case you're new to the blog. We're enrolled in the HAFA program and if all goes as planned the government helps us relocate by giving us $3,000 bucks pretty nice, takes the edge of moving and loosing your home and all that crappy stuff. I actually feel really good about it. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. We will be able to do things like get our daughter braces when she needs them (with mine and hubs prebraces grills she's gonna need them) or take her to Disneyland. We will be able to save for retirement again and go out on dates. We'll have a future that's unburdened by this albatross holding us back.

Our future looks bright!  The crippling stress from paying that mortgage payment is gone because we're not paying it anymore.  Bills are getting paid, groceries are getting bought, needs are getting met, and we are giving again.  Each day things get brighter and each month our paycheck doesn't all go to the house the future gets Sunnier!  You might think oh my gosh what about your credit score!  OH what about that fake made up score that is in place to keep you in debt.  We don't care!  We never plan on buying another damn thing on credit!  We don't want car payments.  We don't want boat payments.  We don't want whatever payments.  If we can't pay cash we don't want it! What about you can't get another mortgage for 7 years... UHHH right now I wouldn't want another one of those! NO THANKS! Owning a house bought in 2006 has been a huge burden!  Until we had a 30% or larger down payment and bought a house within our means, I don't want another one.  When you have a large down payment and you're buying a house you can afford credit score is not a problem.

I haven't made an update on our Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover in awhile and for a few months there we were just suffering paying the mortgage and not using credit cards to make ends meet.  The last couple months have felt great we can pay all our bills and we are getting to send off a little to pay down debt.  So we are actually digging out and it feels really good!  I think I'm gonna go update the big poster board we made with our debt balances cause they've gone down and nothing feels better than putting new numbers up and seeing a difference.

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